4strugglemag Issue 14

Fall/Winter 2009

4strugglemag: Views, Thoughts, and Analysis from the Hearts and Minds of North American Political Prisoners and Friends

4strugglemag is a project of the Toronto chapter of the Anarchist Black Cross Federation and is edited by anti-imperialist political prisoner, Jaan Laaman. We print writing by political prisoners and their supporters.

4strugglemag is an independent non-sectarian revolutionary voice. We are unapologetically anti-imperialist and solidly in support of progressive National Liberation, especially the struggles of New African/Black, Mexicano/Chicano, Puerto Rican and Native American Nations presently controlled by U.S. imperialism. Reflecting the work and principles of political prisoners held by the United States, 4strugglemag advocates for Justice, Equality, Freedom, Socialism, Protection of our Mother Earth, Human Rights and Peace.

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