Aberration, The (a biography)

I wrote this book between ages 17 and 21, have changed a bit since but not too much (4 years). It only represents my current thinking 60% but I am not doing much with it so I figure I might as well let people download it. To buy a paperback copy, visit my lulu.com page at http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fStoreID=428189&fMode=edit

'The author reflects on his first 21 years of life as a grand theatre with predetermined scripts and a world already playing the roles chosen for them. From birth it is clear that he is a born aberration; a Jew growing up in a predominantly Mormon town. His life continues to multiply the contrasts between main stream culture and the unique identity he develops. Everywhere he goes, he becomes criminalized for his differences (often times merely aesthetic). These pressures and the many existential issues which stem from inescapable individuality begin to provide substance for an ever-expanding philosophy. As the author discovers nihilism, anarchism, romanticism, surrealism, the occult, quantum physics and many other past schools of liberal thought, he realizes for the first time that he is not the degenerate a life of disciplinarian institutions had lead him to believe. A clear analysis of the Artist, Art and Society, and today's "Starving Artist" finally verifies truth to the author's uncommon claims."

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