Anarchist Black Cross Federation Update #49

Winter 2008

The ABCF Update is a quarterly publication produced by the Anarchist Black Cross Federation. It is one of the few publications designed specifically for news/articles about and from political prisoners and prisoners of war in North America.

This current issue has expanded the focus of our publication to include the
broader international anarchist movement. We hope to make this a
permanent part of our publication.

The present issue has the following items:

Updates on:
• Rod Coronado
• Yu Kikumura
• Joseph Pannell
• Jamil Al-Amin
• Veronza Bowers
• Tom Manning
• Avelino Gonzalez Claudio

Articles about:
• Joe-Joe Bowen’s Urgent Medical Surgery
• EPR Attacks Police
• Matt Lamont’s Case Dropped
• Black Riders Arrested
• SF8: Conspiracy Case Dropped Against 5 of 8
• Embassy Attacked by Anarchists?

• International Campaign for Jose Fernandez Delgado & Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
• Peter Gelderloos: Anarchist Targeted in Spain
• Raids Target Anarchist in Spain
• Omaha 2: COINTELPRO Out in Open in Trial
• Greek Anarchists in the Rise Again
• Ricardo Palmera: FARC on Trial
• Jan Kucera: Anti-fascist Killed by Neo-Nazi
• ABCF chapter reports and new chapter applications

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