Arson #1.

Arson #1.
A5 zine. 72 pages.

A new zine issuing from the murky Australian anarchist underground, with a definate focus on militant direct action. Extracts from Derrick Jensen's forthcoming book on bringing down civilization, an amazing piece by Aboriginal activist Kevin Buzzacott, a whole bunch of awesome
anarcha-feminist material - self defence tips, anti-rape articles, even a short story - and then a whole host of other stuff, some of it thoughtful, much of it vengeful, and all of it desperate and

"Arson... leaves little doubt it means what it says. The unvarnished passion [...] just leaps off every page. Yeah, this zine rings true and comes out swingin!! Its authors surge with a desire to torch up this oppressive and imprisoning totality. Analysis, poetry, tactical advice, first-person accounts, indigenous struggles, tales of heart-ache... Arson really delivers." - Green Anarchy

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