Beyond Property Destruction

Beyond Property Destruction is the fourth installment of the Tactical Analysis Series, an ongoing series of pamphlets about tactics theory and analysis. Often we critique pacifists for lacking any sort of tactical mobility, for attempting to define tactics through transcendental ethical frameworks based in affective manifestations of conceptual frameworks, and thus obscuring any discussion of effectiveness and tactical dynamics. This pamphlet is approaching this question, of the particularity of conflict and the construction of tactical terrain, through the discussion of another immobilization of dynamics, the fetishization of property destruction as a concept. In this singularity of approach, and in its removal from a discourse of tactical dynamics and movements, we fail to actually engage in these dynamics, to amplify conflict and to think through particular actions as part of this dynamics with effects within the dynamics of this tactical terrain. It is not a question of property destruction or not, or of conceptually essentializing any "tactic" or another, but a question of removing the very discussion of tactics outside of its particular dynamics through this sort of tactical conceptualization.

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