Conspiracion Acrata, english edition

Salud! This here is one more number of the insurrectionary anarchist
publication that we call CONSPIRACION ACRATA.
This project was born during the month of March of
2009 as a medium for the diffusion of the
insurrectional anarchist fight. During this time we
have completed 8 editions, with this being the most
recent. This edition, completely in English (except the
addition of the editorial) was made with the aim of
spreading the social war that is being fought in
Mexico to English speaking countries, this special
edition is a compilation of texts, news, critiques,
communiqués from anarchist and eco-anarchist cells
in Mexico as well as various texts that were edited for
past editions. This publication was also formed from
the importance of the diffusion of revolutionary
anarchist ideas that are often strongly criticized by
individuals who feel they have the role of the judge of
the revolution, and instead of putting forth objective
critiques, only assert prejudiced and condemnatory
critiques which aim to isolate the anarchist
compañer@s of action from the entire movement

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