Constructive Anarchism in Aotearoa

This pdf text — 'Constructive Anarchism in Aotearoa' — puts forward some ideas on constructive anarchist action, in oder to encourage discussion. Please read, forward widely to anyone interested, and most importantly, respond!

The text is probably too long to place here in full, but it deals with ideas around constructive action we as anarchists can take in our current state of low visibility, especially in the workplace and in our communities. I've tried to write a text I've always wanted to read with regard to concrete anarchist action in NZ.

I hope this may help and encourage further anarchist organising, and towards the eventual federation of Anarchist groups in Aotearoa. The aim is not to dispute or disrupt current attempts at this, but to encourage cohesion and co-operation.


Two main ideas are explored: Workplace struggle and Community development, or more specifically, the idea of Industrial Networks and Community Unions or Assemblies.

The text is broken down into parts:

Anarchist Organisation

— Some basic ideas about labels, class and organising.
— Problems we face in Aotearoa.

Workplace Struggle

— Working within existing unions
— New unions vs existing unions
— Union bureaucracy
— Industrial Networks
— Working outside of the unions

Community Development

— Change from below
— Community unionism
— Community support

Creating A Class Struggle Focus

— AWSM/Platformist approach
— An alternative approach

Also included in a recommended reading list for those who may want to learn a whole heap more than the rantings of one person!

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