Deleuze, Marx and Politics

Deleuze, Marx and Politics by Nick Thoburn is a fantastic book. It is now made available by us as a paginated PDF for all.

" I want to suggest that it is in our apparent impasse that Marx becomes even more important in exploring Deleuze's politics. This is not because of the centrality of an analysis of capitalism per se (though the contemporary re-emergence of interest in capitalist dynamics is certainly timely), but because Marx remains the pre-eminent thinker of the impossibility of any easy or given political escape from the infernal capitalist machine, whilst simultaneously positing such possibility and potential on relations formed within and particular to capitalism itself. This condition is what Marx calls 'communism'. To foreground Marx's communism is not to turn to a different set of Marx's texts (for example, the early works, as against Capital). For Marx, communism is the immanent potential that haunts, and emerges in and through, capitalism. It is thus a perspective for interpreting capitalism and developing politics, and is hence found throughout Marx's works"

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