Disrupt the DNC! A Primer

Unconventional Denver is proud to announce the release of Expose this Sham Democracy- Disrupt the DNC!

In this slick little zine you will find the most recent schedule of events, which should help to quell much of the speculation and false announcements that have been made. The zine also contains information about the upcoming Unconventional Action Camp in Denver as well as the logistics we will be providing and how people can plug into the exciting work being done.

We're doing a mass mailing across the country. If you're interested in receiving or distributing bulk orders of the zine. Email us at unconventionaldenver@riseup.net

The zine can also be downloaded for free under the Downloads section of www.dncdisruption08.org
We strongly encourage people to print these out and disseminate them widely. The more that we can decentralize the printing and shipping side of this project, the more we can focus on fundraising for things like the convergence center, tech equipment and other goodies that go into a mobilization of this scale.

Solidarity and Happy Reading!

Unconventional Denver

disrupt-dnc-primer-1.pdf Download pdf
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