Fire to the Prisons #6

Booyah!- Fire to the Prisons #6 Is Done and Ready to go to out to the World

After weeks of compromising sleep and sanity; Fire to the Prisons is finally complete.
We say this every issue, but we by far think this is our best yet.

The PDF for Issue 6 is included at the end of this post. As with every issue, we encourage people to print the pdf, and distribute as many copies as possible in their own areas. This helps to de-centralize the way our publication gets out to the world.

Considering the aesthetic limitations of printing and copying the pdf, we have taken responsibility for printing it ourselves as well. Our print job is a bit more legit, and includes a hot glossy cover and professional bind.

Our resources for printing are a result of exploiting the metro-party scene and the Universities of our student friends; but still, printing leads to some degree of debt for us. With that said, were offering free copies to prisoner support groups to help raise legal fees or commisary for comrades in trouble, but were asking 3 dollars a copy for individual orders of the magazine, 2 dollars a copy for orders over 5 and under ten, and one dollar a copy on orders ten and over. Please contact us via email for more information on orders and our paypal information. We would like to also mention that no profit will be made off this project. Every purchase you make will most likely just go into the postage required to send it out; especially when sending it to Europe or prisons. If you plan to just print the pdf offline and distribute it in your area, please take the 10 seconds to let us know via email; it really helps to motivate us to be happy about the magazine; more specifically; the absurd degree of time, energy, and resources we put into its production.

We hope this inspires and provokes.
Eitherwise, what are we doing?

The Line Up

We all want insurrection. We all want satisfaction.

-P. 8, Greetings
A pre-face to intentions with this publication.

-P. 11, Anything Can Happen
An account of the impossible by Fredy Perlman.

-P. 19, “Fuck May 68’ Fight Now”
An account of resistance on and around May Day 2009.

-P. 26, “All I Do is Party”
Recognizing the potential of social conflict in the defense of

“We look our for ours.”

Recognizing the emotional and logitstical consequences of being
in struggle.

-P. 36, Collapsing the Security Architectures
A call our for the “Summer of resistance 2009”

-P. 41, Until All are Free
For Total Liberation in Mexico.

Recognizing and learning from recent Bay Area tension between residents
and police.

-P. 48, Bash Back!
Props to the anti-assimilationist queer tendency.

Where do we stand? Obviously opposed to the social order.

-P. 54, Conflict with Capital’s Global Conquest
Reports of native and anti-colonial struggle.

-P. 60, iN TROUBLE
Updates on those facing legal trouble and support for Imprisoned comrades.

-P. 70, frustration on the inside
A chronology of North American prisoner resistance.

-P. 79, Long live mauricio!
Preserving a memory of Mauricio Morales Duarte.

-P. 80, links
Further news and knowledge for linsurrection; for liberation.

Any critiques, compliments, hate, or love yall have to throw our way in response to this new issue, please email us at:

firetotheprisons (at)

PDF to Fire to the Prisons 6:

In revolutionary solidarity.
For insurrection.
For liberation.

-Fire to the Prisons Magazine

fire-prisons-6-1.pdf Download pdf