Gadfly, The Vol. 1.2

the Gadfly is a new collectively run student publication in Middlebury, VT. We were created to fill the void in radical discourse on the Middlebury Campus, which is a sea of politically correct, pro-capitalist, and pro-Democrats ideology. We are just getting started and hope to increase our presence as well as increase knowledge of radical thought on the campus.

This is our second issue. It covers a variety of topics across different strains of radical thought.

·Middlebury Dis/identifications: Building an Anti-Institution Campus Movement
·Food Insecurities
·Border Tales
·A Palestinian State: No Freedom of Movement
·Reification - The Self-Alienation of Bourgeois Consciousness
·Resisting Gendered Salaries
·Queerness in the Age of the Straightjacket
·Radicalism & Curriculum: Two Words You Will Never See In The Same Sentence
·Dedicated Towards What?
·Student Occupation in Glasgow: An Interview
·“Il faut gagner!”
·Know Your Rights: Dealing with the Cops

We have more content on our blog and invite any and all comments and critiques. Visit us here.

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