Common Action is proud to announce the publication of our newsletter Intersections. Written with regular people in mind, the newsletter strives to connect community issues to anarchist ideas, serving as a paper that any neighbor might find interesting, informative, and reliable. It can be left in laundromats and bus seats just as easily as a radical bookstore.

This issue's contents include:

Whose Streets? Gentrification in Seattle by Andrew Hedden and Jacquelyn Hermer

Northwest Anarchist People of Color Gathering: A Report-Back by Brooke Stepp

Hope, Change, and Direct Action by GregA and Jeremy

Crude Profits by Joshua Neuhouser

Advice Column by Sally Darity

Intersections is available as a PDF for reading and single page printing, and 11" x 17" printing.

You can find it on our website at

To get a hard copy, or to let us know what you think, hit us up at

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