Open Letter to those who Condemn Looting, An - Evan Calder Williams

A pamphlet version of a text published on after the UK riots of August 2011: a scathing critique of much of the commentary on the riots.

"...buried beneath the attack on the 'crass materialism' of the looting is a nastier worm, that of distance and sheen, that supports critique and dissent precisely to the degree it remains irrelevant and immaterial, that it is to be seen and heard and not ever felt"

"You say of these riots, and this looting, that they are opportunistic. That they are unreasonable and stupid. That 'this isn't a protest, this is a riot.' That they are 'not political.' That 'this is about individuals using the excuse of what happened the first two nights to make sure what happens the third night is worse.' That this is 'havoc.' That this is 'criminality pure and simple.' That they 'do not have the right' to do this. That 'no benefit will come in the long term,' from 'looting a local shop,' 'setting a bus on fire,' or 'nicking a mobile phone.' Above all, as you, Home Secretary put it, 'there is no excuse for violence. There is no excuse for looting.'

And we agree."

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