Police State Funnies- June 2010, Columbus, OH

Funny little comics based on actual interactions with police. Make your own!

The police are not a uniform monolith. They are a collection of individuals, full of human features: doubt, uncertainty, complex motives and mixed loyalties. The divisions between them can be highlighted, and expanded. Their ranks can be divided and their power undermined.

"Every act of harassment revives this truth, spoken in 1842: “The life of the police agent is painful; his position in society is as humiliating and despised as crime itself… Shame and infamy encircle him from all sides, society expels him, isolates him as a pariah, society spits out its disdain for the police agent along with his pay, without remorse, without regrets, without pity… The police badge that he carries in his pocket documents his shame.” On November 21, 2006, firemen demonstrating in Paris attacked the riot police with hammers and injured fifteen of them. This by way of a reminder that wanting to “protect and serve” can never be an excuse for joining the police." - The Coming Insurrection

http://www.insurgenttheatre.org/theory/PSF-6-2010.pdf (34.2 mb)

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