Politics Is Not a Banana: Number 3 [screen]

The Institute for Experimental Freedom announces a brand new Politics Is Not a Banana! We didn’t fall off—we’re back and more IGNORANT than ever. It’s fucking ON with the state form and EVERYTHING ELSE! Now there are three different manifestations of Politics Is Not a Banana. That’s a lot of invariance for deviant black-clad whatevers like us! We’re quite pleased with our naughty little selves. But don’t call this our “third issue”—that would presume LINEAR TIME! No, let’s just call it like it is: A FORCE OF DESTABILIZATION AND DETERRITORIALIZATION.

Every time the messiah comes—like, the insurrection or the rupture or rapture or whatever—it takes place out of history. Ask Walter Benjamin: everything stops being what it was and becomes something else without really changing that much.

So it is with our Organ of the Pox Populi. This time around, we complement our typical post-structuralist sem(iotic)antics with some full-color subjectivization. The contributions range from the usual stunning genius of the IEF ourselves to the latest translations from the shores of the Mediterranean. We even have something from another dead French lady! This might not be the most ferocious textual war machine we have produced, but it is by far the most sublime and terrible deterritorializing force. And if there are any anarchists left in the crowd, don’t worry—we still circle all our vowels. The messiah might not come three times, but our hot little zine can, and you know what they say: Pox Populi, Pox Dei.

"You better not lose your fucking page. This is an anarchist book club drum circle. This ain’t no hippie shit."-Birdhouse PNAB Reading Circle

No sales: we’re mailing this issue out to whoever we want. Choose your readership—don’t let them choose you. (We know all too well what happens to those saddled with the wrong readership.) We’re trying to do the commodity form wrong, and just printing a book no one wanted to buy like we did last time—that’s not going far enough.

Or fuck it, you could just download the thing. If you don’t think we’re serious about this no sales stuff, keep your eye on Little Black Cart just in case we sell out. More importantly, click on our cool website. You could do that, like, several times a day.

 “The coming period will have little need of new theories. What it will need are demonstrations by example, this in the context of a reversal of perspective that is visible, tangible, rooted in objective reality. And it will need not speculation about ideas, but ideas themselves—ideas that can be refined by being put into play.”-Andréa Dorea

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