Reflexions Around Call, from Meeting

"The need for communism traverses the entirety of the society of capital. The merit of Call lies in taking note of this, and of trying to design strategies which live up to this realization. Itʼs weakness comes from the continually resurgent temptation to think that the desire to establish different relations suffices to start producing them."

Critique of the text "Call" made within the "communizing current," itself an important reference point for Tiqqun. This effort to problematize the link of communization and voluntarism is particularly relevant at a time when numerous urban spaces are subjected to forms of appropriation and "occupation." This text is also useful for positing an anti-voluntarism very different from that of the Duponts.

While Denis, the author, makes a piercing and effective criticism, its depth is located squarely within the theoretical fields prioritized by the communizing current, thus reproducing the myopia associated with this current (especially Meeting, TC, Endnotes). Tiqqun might render itself theoretically vulnerable to an activist practice, as Denis shows, but should also be recognized for its effort to escape this myopia through a new synthesis of extremist currents.

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