So You Want To Be An Ally!

This zine is a very basic guide to taking some very basic steps toward being a decent human being. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re interested in anti-oppression, ending inequality, and allyship. (If you’re not interested in anti-oppression, ending inequality, or allyship [oof] then I would encourage you to read this anyway. And, uh, you should probably re-evaluate your life choices while you’re at it.) I hope this zine will give you the tools to figure out how to work in solidarity with all targets of oppression. While the specifics of every system of oppression (and how to fight them) are beyond the scope of this zine, there are some basic principles of allyship that are relevant to all anti-oppression work.
Hopefully this zine will leave you better prepared to confront your own privileges and work on dismantling the systems of oppression that give you those privileges. In the big picture, this zine is an attempt at a tiny little drop in the bucket of anti-oppression.

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