Subverts Unite! Issue No. 3

Subverts Unite (was an inside job) Issue No.3 August 2012

Subverts Unite is an anarcho-collectivist publishing conspiracy based in Tampa, Florida.

What is subversion? Within these pages, the lines between reality and absurdity blend, ultimately coalescing into one body of satirical reason; your perception is the deciding factor in discerning the straight dope from complete and utter bullshit. True subversion is ignited by opposites. Opposition to the norm is a substantial dictum, a mantra—if you will—to the heart and essence which beats Revolution into animation and propulsion. The heart to the masses is diversion from the norm. Subversion thrives on the elation encountered while transgressing aspects of the status quo that oppress the subvert’s liberties as a free agent. In part, this is why the subversive remains a fringe element across every institution in today’s society. That is, a society whose hierarchy have found it necessary to invoke a monstrous coupling between the Corporation and a Hobbesian Leviathan. An economic monstrosity sits as an odious effluvium on Capital Hill, in the White House, and every governmental institution in existence. A thesis has been set by the powers at be. They want you to “turn ON, tune IN, and drop OUT.” When isolated we fall into irrational solipsism; when united we take our desires for reality.

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