The Universal V Specific

zine about race, relationships, friendships, bands, accountability.

Follow up to Issue 1. The Swan The Vulture, and Issue 2. The Ascent The Descent.

It’s called this because it’s very subjective, and very much about my individual experience. I hope that people find some of these things useful enough to apply to their own subjectivities.

NB. Due to some comments that I have received during the one day that it has been online, I would like to say that this account is by no means absolute. That my personal experience with one person doesn’t extend to other people, and even singular experiences with one person/group/collective, does not then extrapolate across my entire experience of that person/group/collective. I hope that people understand that pointed criticism does not equate to me making an overall judgement about that entire organisation/situation. When I talk about power, privilege, assault, accountability, racism, sexism, appropriation, fetishisation, and silencing – that is not the end of the dialogue. I hope to open up the discussion about it…

My intention is that I will go back to writing more general, “guide” type zines after this one. Please write to me if you feel like it. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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