What Is Situationism? A Reader (edited by Stewart Home)

This anthology gathers together a broad range of critical material about the Situationist International. The texts run sequentially according to date of original publication, thereby providing an overview of the way in which situationism has been historicised in the Anglo-American world. A wealth of historical and interpretative information is provided by various contributors. This plurality of voices ranges from underground legends to art theorists, ultra-leftists to professional academics, whose opinions blend and clash to provide a book that is far more vibrant than a conventional monograph.

Introduction by Stewart Home
Essays from Leaving the 20th Century by Christopher Gray
Critique of the Situationist International by Jean Barrot
The End of Music by Dave and Stuart Wise
Basic Banalities by Stewart Home
The Situationist International: Its Penetration into British Culture by George Robertson
The Situationist International and Its Historification Ralph Rumney in conversation with Stewart Home
Aesthetics & Resistance: Totality Reconsidered by Stewart Home
The Realization and Suppression of Situationism by Bob Black
The Situationist International: A Case of Spectacular Neglect by Sadie Plant
Orgone Addicts: Wilhelm Reich versus the Situationists by Jim Martin
The Situationist Legacy by Alastair Bonnett

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